OTS #3


Green Fuse / Jeanne Lustige
Split Tour CS
Recorded by Dan Phelps in the basement of 2737 High St.
Released late summer 2006
Out of print and unavailable

Green Fuse
1. A
2. G
3. H
4. I

Jeanne Lustige
1. It starts now
2. The same events happen often
3. I'm clean

The final Green Fuse recording before Robert left the band, this includes 4-piece versions of songs that would later be re-recorded as a 3-piece for the 10". These songs are incredible and it is fun to compare the versions.
Jeanne Lustige was the high school band of some friends unfortunately stuck in Colorado Springs. Awesome passionate tunes with two singers.

50 copies on cassette with glued image and painted cover on box packaging. Printed and painted inserts and cassette face.
7 bootleg copies with slightly different cover without paint. Slightly different inserts and stickered cassette face.

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