Winter 2013


Hello, after a long absence! I know it's been a while since we've checked in, but I promise we've been busy in one way or another. In between winning Mustache Contests, we've been releasing records! First news to report is a brand new 7" from Portland Oregon's Alameda.

We have been working with members of Alameda since way back when some played in the criminally underrated Strangers Die Every Day, and have known guitarist Stirling Myles since way back when he had a hardcore band called Cost of an Arm. He will kill me for the reference, but I digress!

After two excellent full length albums with more of a folk-y sound, Alameda has gone in a slightly more "rock" direction for these two new songs. Awesome music with great artwork, as always limited to a scant 300 copies. Click here for more information.

The band is touring regularly, so check their website for up to date information.


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Featured mp3


Silver Hands

From the 2nd Alameda full-length, this track exemplifies the depth and arrangement skills of the band's folk-oriented side. This track makes excellent mix tape fodder (trust me.) It has to be a tape, though. Enjoy!

Check back for other goodies unearthed from the shoebox, er...vaults.

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