OTS #1


Giant Eyeball / Dustbustr
Split CS
GE recorded by the band at Studios 509 and 12
DB recorded by Mike Buckley at Monkey Mania
Released 2003?
Out of print and unavailable

Giant Eyeball
1. No chance in hell of winning my heart listen
2. You can't spell 'memo' without 'emo' listen
3. My flashlight is out of batteries listen
4. This one's for you Roy, hang in there pal listen

1. #4
2. #6

Giant Eyeball contributes four improv-only songs that have a different sound than the beats and drones of other releases.
Dustbustr was Mike Zorman and Zachtron doing two-drum jam session with friends adding the sax and guitar for rad vibes.

75 copies on cassette, with printed covers and artwork by Dennis Phelps and Zach Spencer.
15 bootleg copies with slightly different artwork exists. Original copies have inferior printed quality.

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