"I Was A Light In A Dark Place and All I Got Were Mosquitos" 2x3" CD
Recorded by The Man high in The Tower
Pushed to the limits by Trevor Morris at The Furnace Room
Released June 2012

Disc 1
1. Quick, Think of Something Funny listen
2. No Chance listen
3. A New Musical Titled "Hey You" listen

Disc 2
1. Live at 3529 Julian St. listen

This double disc set provides the final songs from The Man's summer-winter 2010 recording session. One original song is a stark drone piece using only piano and electric drums, while two Giant Eyeball remixes are a twisted mass of samples, unusual instrumentation, and a little humor. They provide great bookends to the last original in this Windows saga of love and love lost.
Disc 2 is filled out with just one live piece, a long bomb of drone, loops, samples and tortured vocals. Make sure you've got ice cubes in the bong for this one.

50 2x3" CD packaged in extra wide two-fold printed covers. Photography by Dan Phelps.

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