"Here an incline so known to cause defeat, next a decline thunderous and bad for knees" 3" CD
Recorded by The Man high in The Tower
Released February 2011

1. No Torch » listen
2. The Guy Upstairs is Pissed Again » listen
3. Will You Defy or Diefy what you Despise?listen

The Man returns with three songs of grief, two of which are stripped down with vocals and guitar, leaving an empty room to provide the atmosphere for these black metal libations. The other is a from-the-tape remix of an old band, transforming the guitar, cello, voice, shakers, and pan flute of past recordings into a lumbering wall of sound, hypnotic and distressing at the same time. This release was voted “Best Tiny Package” in Westword’s 2011 Best of Denver issue. While I would have given the award a different title, it is appreciated nonetheless.

50 3" CD's in a pocket sleeve, with photography by Packy Nauman

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