Giant Eyeball / ItsyBtsySpydr
Split CD
GE recorded by the band at Studios 509, 24 3-I, 3B
The Spydr recorded by Kasper on his computer
Released March 2005

Giant Eyeball
1. quick, think of something funny » listen
2. the guy upstairs is pissed again » listen
3. go take a piss right now » listen
4. sober song » listen
5. 24 3-I, we hardly knew thee » listen
6. first, take madness (ben's drunk again) » listen

7. candyland tastes just like cardboard » listen
8. ham, you're fucking dead » listen
9. perpetual ocean within a dirty porcelain turn container » listen
10. I heard on TV once that if you drill a hole in your head, you can get psychic powers » listen
11. you gotta feed the monkey » listen
12. nothing says lovin like biting off the eyelids of that special someone » listen
13. I think there's vomit in my milk » listen

Giant Eyeball matures a little, and broadens their repertoire with faster songs, stranger beats, and more organic sounds.
The Spdyr composed a bunch of tunes on his laptop, with some crazy mathematic equations made into time signatures.

50 copies with cover art by Nick Allen. Multi-colored star stickers on CD face.

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