AFS #22


Collapse / Swells
Split 7"
Released April 2011
Collapse recorded by Dave Otero
Swells recorded by RD Audio

Side Collapse:
1. Resent Complacency listen
2. The Walking Plague

Side Swells:
1. Children of the Midnight Forest
2. Felis Perplexis listen

What a kickass record! Collapse is the new band of some dudes who've been playing in bands for a long time (Cephalic Carnage, To Be Eaten, Elucidarius), while Swells is mostly a bunch of young dudes who are putting out their first record. Sure, one of them was in The Great Redneck Hope, but he's not really in the band anymore. Only when visiting Denver. A fantastic matchup of grinding, technical death metal and ugly fast hardcore. With crazy artwork by Nick Allen, and a killer layout that emphasizes just how awesome the music is!

330 copies on red and black mix vinyl, with silkscreened gatefold covers

©2011 ASH FROM SWEAT. All rights reserved.