Various Artists
"the best music you've never heard of" sampler CD
Released april 2009
Out of print and unavailable

1. To Be Eaten "in the clearing" (from AFS #18)
2. Bailer "tirade" (from forthcoming LP)
3. Strangers Die Every Day "bicycle" (from Aperture for Departure CD released by This Generation Tapes)
4. MMCIII "blizzaga" (previously unreleased)
5. (the)Kindercide "let's go to the cinema" (from AFS #8)
6. Green Fuse "j" (from AFS #21)
7. Giant Eyeball "slug vs. sloth" (from AFS #20)
8. The New Rome "left hand path" (from AFS #16)
9. MCBYA "eating the dogs Comintern rmx" (from AFS #14)
10. Humble Ary "and whom do we blame for your vote?" (from AFS #13)
11. ZombieZombie "25" (from unreleased LP)
12. Joseph Childress "the rebirths" (from s/t CD self released)
13. Windows "buried in the desert" (from 2x3" CD released by Egyptian Brain Removing Hook)

Includes released songs, unreleased songs, forthcoming songs, and stolen songs.

No defined number of copies. Foldover printed CD cover, with tracklist, catalog, and photo.

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