Various Artists
"Swatches" sampler CD
Released Spring 2006
Out of print and unavailable

1. Bailer "105 habits of highly successful young adults" (from AFS #11)
2. My Calculus Beats Your Algebra "track 6" (from s/t full length, self released)
3. Green Fuse "f" (from AFS #6)
4. Zombie Zombie "25" (from unreleased LP)
5. (the) Kindercide "endangered species bingo" (from AFS #8)
6. To Be Eaten "we'll let you liveā€¦until you piss us off" (from AFS #12)
7. Humble Ary "about omnipresence" (from AFS #13)
8. Giant Eyeball "communist song" (from AFS #20)

20 copies, glued covers, with handwritten wrap. Very DIY, includes spring 2006 label flyer.

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