AFS #9


Bailer / Humble Ary
Split 7"
Recorded by Trevor Morris at The Furnace Room (for free! what a guy)
1st pressing: March 2004
2nd pressing: May 2006
Very few copies available

1. Bailer: A different grace » listen
2. Bailer: Another indictment
3. Humble Ary: Help in fiction » listen
4. Humble Ary: Dashiki

This is a classic Denver matchup that brings you Bailer's first songs as a 3-piece. These tunes are tight, melodic and aggressive with the band's newfound confidence in songwriting fully in place. Full steam ahead to the LP! Humble Ary's songs are fast, heavy, and groovy blasts of punk, with gritty and ugly songwriting/lyrical content. Not uplifting in any way. This one's so popular we pressed it twice. Booyah!

1st press: 300 copies on blue vinyl with three color silk-screened covers (blue/black/silver). Black vellum insert printed with metallic silver ink. CDR included


2nd press: 200 copies on black vinyl with four color silk-screened covers (orange/white/gold/clear overgloss. some replace white with black.) Green cardstock insert printed with black ink. CDR included.


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