AFS #8


(the) Kindercide
""this isn't just for rich people, it's for everybody who shares in the American Dream" said House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill" CD
Recorded by Trevor Morris at The Furnace Room
Left unmastered because we're beautiful
1st pressing: july 2003
2nd pressing: april 2004

1. you must be a matador cuz » listen
2. the killing festivities » listen
3. keep yr cum off my driveway » listen
4. that's right Pundits, the MHGC IS too cool for you » listen
5. poop on a stick without the stick » listen
6. footprints and kitchen knives » listen
7. let's go to the cinema » listen
8. being dumb is cool man » listen
9. endangered species bingo » listen
10. how can I work with handtools when I have no hands? » listen
11. if you were really a princess, you wouldn't drive a '92 Honda Accord » listen
12. all the drama you need for $810/month » listen

3 of 6 songs re-recorded from the demo, 4 of 6 songs re-recorded from unreleased session, 5 songs are new to this recording. Witness the destruction of 12 songs in 14 minutes! No one is safe.

1st press: 50 CD's in a silkscreened and painted paper bag.
2 photocopied inserts with quotes, photos, tracklist and info.
Made for summer 2003 tour with MCBYA

2nd press: 50 CD's in handmade case
Thematic ransom note and blood covers
Printed, die-cut insert with tracklist and info


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