AFS #7


Humble Ary
"do it for fun/what you feel..." 6"
Recorded by Trevor Morris at The Furnace Room
Released August 2003

1. Do it for fun » listen
2. What you feel means nothing to me » listen

This is the band's first recording with the final lineup. The songs are tighter than the 3-way split 7", and the patented Humble Ary groove makes its first appearance. You get to hear the band rock, then mellow out a bit. A really nice record that we couldn't give away for the first year of its release. Then they sold like hotcakes.

300 white vinyl 6". Includes 16 page booklet of drawings, pictures and info Center labels are extras from AFS #1 turned inside out. If you look closely you can see. 15 black vinyl 7" test pressings were made for special release.
30 overrun edition with green cardstock covers, and less pages in the booklet.


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