AFS #4


Rivers Run Dry / Rocky's Red Rocket
"1998-2003" CD
Recorded by Captain Kirk at Studio in the City
Released May 2010
This release is out of print and unavailable

Rivers Run Dry
1. Sangre de Cristo
2. Whisper to a Dream

Rocky's Red Rocket
3. Cryptic Cyclorama
4. Like a Tree Chopped Down for Firewood
5. Haunted House of a Man's Mind
6. No Flame
7. The Real Deceiver
8. Today
9. Apathetic View
10. Mile High Punx

The long lost Rivers/Rocky's collection CD is finally here! Released seven years too late, this CD compiles the two songs originally intended to be the Rivers Run Dry 7", with the long lost demo and EP recordings from Rocky's Red Rocket. Rivers/Rocky's was the metal band from the early era of our suburban Denver punk scene. Witness Ben Pitts (Collapse/To Be Eaten/ The New Rome/Giant Eyeball) in his formative years.

50 CD's packaged in oversized envelops; printed, stamped, and hand numbered. CD face is stencil spraypainted. 16 copies contain an old Rivers Run Dry sticker.

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