AFS #24


Humble Ary
"Left Behind Somewhere" 1-sided 7"
Recorded by Trevor Morris at The Furnace Room
Released March 2012

1. Pacific Standard Time

2. Jack is my Crown listen
3. No Title listen
4. A Pile of Axes listen
5. Practice Jam listen

The absolute last Humble Ary recordings see the light of day, with a unique 1-sided 7" that rounds out the songs from the final recording session with Trevor Morris. An accompanying download card holds the key for those Humble Ary enthusiasts interested in listening to practice tapes of songs that would be the band's last. "Jack is my Crown" was a mainstay of the live set in the band's last few months and is therefore fully developed, but foolishly not properly recorded. The remaining tracks highlight the songwriting process and are in various stages of development.

108 black vinyl 7" packaged in a fold-over sleeve with painting and photography by Dan Phelps.

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