AFS #23


Wits End / Perfect Future
Split 7"
Wits End recorded by Morten A. Samdal
Perfect Future recorded by Brendan Stephens
Released September 2011

Wits End - Wounds
Perfect Future - Untitled

At the 10-year anniversary of our little label, this is our first album from bands neither from Colorado, or the United States. Wit's End is from Norway and plays aggressive melodic punk, done in the classic mid-90's style. Perfect Future is from the DC area and plays music of the same nature, but has been around longer so they've already begun to add slow parts to their songs. HA! Both bands are modern, alive, and active!

This album is a cooperative release, with five record labels and the bands contributing to the project. The labels are as follows: Ash From Sweat (USA), strictly no capital letters (UK), Lilla Himmel (Norway), Odebygd (Sweden), and Carucage (USA). It was a pleasure getting to work with such great dudes from all over.

350 copies with machine and screen printed covers. Layout and photography by Dan Phelps. Photography by Nick Allen.

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