AFS #20


Giant Eyeball
"...could be from the time I messed with Texas" 2XCD
release TBA

Disc 1: 1. rocks fer yer window » listen
2. bad run
3. drunken master
4. last word
5. texas, motherfucker
6. like machines
7. this is yours

Disc 2:
1. views from towers
2. I'm on acid
3. this time it's backwards
4. slug vs. sloth
5. brontosorgy
6. communist song » listen
7. a new musical
8. you're the best thing since legs

Recorded by the band all over the Denver metro area

This is it folks, the epic collection of Giant Eyeball material, recorded during a span of four years. Somewhat a concept album about a road trip across the American south defined through classic Greek literature, 99 bottles of beer on the wall, fugitive apparitions, bad weather, good weather, and bad luck. 80+ minutes of punk, hardcore, metal, noise, kraut, etc. in a blender set to liquify. Stir in multitudes of drugs, bake at 350 degrees until golden.

Guest musicians include:
Ryan Nee (former AFS art guy and Chaos Flux member)
Nick Allen (artist and good dude)
Blair Powers (Humble Ary drummer)
Jessica Pitts (Ben's little sister and trumpet queen)
...and more!!!

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