AFS #1.5


"Demonstration" CS
Recorded by Trevor Morris at The Furnace Room
1st pressing: October 2001
2nd pressing: ???
3rd pressing: May 2002
out of print and unavailable

1. footprints and kitchen knives
2. how can I work with handtools when I have no hands?
3. stick the halo up your goddamned ass
4. tack terrorism. Tack it on a map
5. (the)Kindercide could rip NOFX a new asshole
6. being dumb is cool man

Six songs that the band attempted to record at home in the week prior to the release show. The results were less than desired, so the band's next move was to frantically call Trevor at the Furnace Room and this kind young man squeezed the group in for two 2-hour sessions. Out came a legitimate recording. Residents and guests of the Furnace Room had comments including "that was better than I thought it would be" and "what were you saying?" Laughter ensued at the words that could be deciphered. The release show went off without a hitch.

1st Pressing

40 tapes wrapped in hemp
Painted and numbered tapes, gold stars
Cheerleading routines at the end


2nd Pressing

40 tapes
Slightly different cover with a blank spot for hand numbering
Five covers have negative image
Silver stars
Different cheerleading routine at the end


3rd Pressing

20 tapes wrapped in chicken wire
Not numbered
Gold and silver stars
No cheerleading routine


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