AFS #17


Strangers Die Every Day / Joseph Childress
Split 7"
Strangers recorded in Portland by Jim Brunberg
Joseph recorded whoknowswhere by Jeff Davenport and Chris Adolf
Released september 2007

Strangers Die Every Day: Untitled » listen
Joseph Childress: White Castle Creek Mother » listen

Joseph and Strangers Die Everyday put forward a beautiful track each, the pairing couldn’t be better. Joseph plays a stunning rendition of “White Castle Creek Mother” the only track to surface from his 2007 recording sessions with Chris Adolf of Bad Weather California. Drawing on chilling imagery of the personal & collective history of the plains in Wyoming on which he worked ranch – as told to him by a young girl – “White Castle Creek Mother” features a beautifully subdued full band arrangement, a rarity for Joseph’s recordings. Strangers Die Everyday contribute a beautiful multi layered post-rock composition. Their untitled track achieves a remarkable level of lush intensity despite sparse instrumentation, and but one electric instrument, a bass guitar, amidst a cello, violin, and drums.

480 copies on grey vinyl, with full color covers and "obi" strip.
Artwork by Aaron Ray (


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