AFS #16


The New Rome
Self-Titled 180gLP/CD
Recorded by Patrick Houston at Metro State College of Denver
Released July 2007

1. Left Hand Path
2. Ain't She a Beauty?
3. Party Like it's 1939 » listen
4. Shackles
5. Smile and the Noose
6. Horizon in Black

The debut (and only) recording from this Denver supergroup, this band burned bright and fast, leaving us but a handful of killer shows and this full-length. Classic metal with creative indie twists, these six songs will have you playing air guitar along with the insane licks, you will get whiplash from headbanging to the heavy, pounding drums, rubbery basslines are guaranteed to blow even the most stoned of minds. Sing along with the soaring/scathing female vocals, and you'll know the words, because the lyrics are printed! While we hesitate to use the whole "ex-members" thing, one cannot overlook the bands these dudes and dudette have also cut their teeth in: To Be Eaten, AngelsNeverAnswer, May Riots, Princess Tiger to name but a few!

300 heavyweight LPs: 35 release show edition: large 2-color silkscreened covers 65 2-color spraypainted stencil covers 200 remain unassembled. One of the best records in our catalog, panned by those whose delicate sensibilities are easily offended
All include large printed insert with lyrics and info

500 CDs in custom handmade digipak case topped with high-gloss UV coating. 16 page insert contains lyrics and information.
Seriously, we crafted each of these beauties by hand. No small feat.


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