AFS #15


"Meet at the Bridge" CS
Recorded by Windoze all over exotic Denver County
Released December 2006
Out of print and unavailable

1. Revelation Rock » listen
2. Bob's Got an Office » listen
3. Outstanding IOU's » listen
4. The Following is a » listen
5. No Ending » listen

"Meet at the Bridge" is a collection of the first solo home recordings from Dan Phelps. Compiled over a span of four years of recorded material before the "Windows" moniker had even been realized. With experimentation a primary motivator, these five songs are different and unique, yet provide a common theme when woven together. Organic and inorganic sounds can at any time be dense and crushing, or light and textured. Layered songwriting provides a depth uncommon to home noise recordings. Numerous photographs included in with the packaging give the listener further insight into these mostly instrumental musings.

50 tapes sealed in envelopes with return address and stamp. Heavy chipboard and light vellum are married as covers. Vellum inserts include lyrics, info, and relevant photo taken by Ryan Nee somewhere in the eastern hemisphere (Nepal?). All of this is packed in a 7" format. Enjoy.


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