AFS #14


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"Shackleton's Dogs" LP
Recorded by Thorin Klosowski at the Attic Observation Deck
Released march 2006

A.) Exhibitions Start » listen
a. the crushing of The Endurance
b. eating the dogs
c. seal hunting and football

B.) The Separation
a. James Caird
b. the climb and the rescue

CD only remixes:
3. eating the dogs (Comintern)
4. eating the dogs (This Will Hurt You)
5. the climb and the rescue (Matthew Bandy)

"Shackleton's Dogs" is the third full-length from Denver's most infamous duo, Thorin Klosowski and Bryan Danknich. These oddly named gentlemen are more focused than ever, producing the soundtrack to Ernest Shackleton's ill-fated Antarctic epedition. This two-song, thirty-minute journey through sound makes you feel the crush of the ice, the blinding sting of a snowstorm, the long, cold march, and eventual rescue, meticulously composed with a variety of organic and electronic instruments. CD included with LP contains album plus three remixes from local screwups.

300 copies on white vinyl with white labels stamped white. Triple-fold covers silkscreened white on white. CDR is white stamped white.

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