AFS #13


Humble Ary
"Seneca Falls? This is Twin Falls!" 7"
Recorded by Trevor Morris at The Furnace Room Released July 2005

1. Betty is the sun
2. about ominpresence » listen
3. and whom do we blame for your vote?
4. quarterback club

This is the final Humble Ary recording, written while the band was at their productive peak, and preparing to record an LP. With a tour looming, the band opted instead to record a 7". The result are these four fast and groovy blasts of punk and hardcore, with a touch of melody included for depth. Don't forget the somewhat rambling lyrical content and dual vocal attack!

300 pink vinyl* 7", labourously assembled with painted and block-printed covers, with a meticulously hand-bound 24 page book insert that contains lyrics, photos, information and art. While we're on the subject, we block-printed the book covers as well. That's right, a book!

*100 records are bubblegum pink
100 records are neon pink
100 records are more clear red (some have more white streaks than others)

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