AFS #12


To Be Eaten
"Dead Man Seize" CD
Recorded by Trevor Morris at The Furnace Room
Released October 2005

1. We'll let you liveā€¦until you piss us off » listen
2. Vengeance is a virtue » listen
3. Pabst Blue Ribbon is the only red, white and blue that I'll salute
4. The tree of wisdom once said
5. String theory
6. Disease of the imagination
7. Taking down corporate America took us down two years
8. Spirit of solidarity
9. Lost without the hourglass

The debut album from this incredible metal band. Fast as hell, with absolutely wild songwriting. Great, intense, technical metal that shows the band's roots in punk and hardcore.

320 CDs in jewel cases with 12-page booklet and tray card. Though in a jewel case, all material was printed, constructed and assembled by the band and label family.


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