AFS #11


"Sing It Like A Victim" LP
Recorded by Trevor Morris at The Furnace Room
Released April 2005

1. 3307 S. Pearl St. vs. 3317 S. Pearl St. » listen
2. Let's push it til it clips
3. Savor control
4. Lloyd Daubler an American hero
5. False bottoms drop » listen
6. Soapbox for the spotlight (vinyl only)
7. Burnham Hoyt Room
8. Hungry Ghost
9. 105 habits of highly successful young adults
10. Mariner

The debut full length from one of our favorites, and best friends. Ten excellent hardcore songs are a giant improvement over the tracks from the split 7". The songs are about bad neighbors, leeches, and rockers cashing in. A great record. The CD was self-released by the band and contains an alternate tracklist and slightly different mix. It's really cool to compare the two.

300 black vinyl LP with 2-color silkscreened covers.
Printed and stamped inserts include lyrics, info and pictures.


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