AFS #10


ZombieZombie / (the)Kindercide
One-Sided, Double-Grooved split 7"
ZZ recorded by Mike Buckley in his garage
(t)K recorded by Trevor Morris at The Furnace Room
Double-Groovy Mastering by Paul at Aardvark
Released August 2004

ZombieZombie: 20
(the)Kindercide: The trip from space to the bedroom didn't happen overnight / theme song » listen

This is a one-sided record. There are separate grooves for each band. It may take a minute to figure out, but it's worth it.

The ZombieZombie track is a turning point for the band. The beginning of their psychedelic phase, it's a dance track sung in French.
(the)Kindercide bring an epic piece at 2:15. Two songs pieced together, it is faster, stranger and really fucking angry. No one is safe from the scathing wit of (t)K.

300 black vinyl 7" , with 2 color silkscreened covers.
Printed inserts with artwork and info on red cardstock.


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