AFS #1


Humble Ary / The Gromos / No Cash Value
"Burning Without Escape" 7"/CD
No Cash Value and The Gromos recorded by James @ Stonebridge Studios
Humble Ary recorded by Trevor @ Furnace Room
Released May 2002
Out of print and unavailable

Tracklist 7":
-Bike Side
No Cash Value: "these competitions"
Humble Ary: "effigy"
-Tree Side
The Gromos: "nemo"

Tracklist CD:
1. No Cash Value: "night after collision"
2. No Cash Value: "limbs break off"
3. Humble Ary: "bleeding into ashes"
4. Humble Ary: "grain by grain"
5. The Gromos: "europe's finest"
6. The Gromos: "broken and rusted machine"


300 copies on clear vinyl with spraypainted CDs
Silkscreened cloth covers, printed lyrics and info
Includes a handmade insert from all nine individuals involved

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